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Birthday Love Burst Bandana

Birthday Love Burst Bandana

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The "Birthday Love Burst Bandana" is a vibrant and festive accessory designed to make your pet's birthday celebration even more special. Adorned with a playful array of colorful hearts, this bandana exudes an aura of joy and celebration. The central feature proudly declares "It's My Birthday," ensuring that your furry friend gets all the attention and love they deserve on their special day.

Crafted from high-quality, lightweight fabric, the bandana is not only stylish but also comfortable for your furry friend to wear. The cheerful design and lively colors create a visually appealing and heartwarming look, making it the perfect accessory for capturing those precious birthday moments. Let your pet revel in the "Birthday Love Burst Bandana" and make their celebration a burst of joy and love!

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Additional Information


Made with Fine Polyester: Quality meets style in our dog bandanas!


Machine Wash/Hand Wash

Size Guide


  • Measure the circumference of your dogs neck where collar usually sits.
  • If your pet falls between 2 sizes we recommend purchasing the larger size.
 Bandana Size
Neck Size
14 Inches and Below
14 Inches and 18 Inches
18 Inches and 22 Inches